Our vineyards

It is not possible to use machines to cultivate our vineyards, thus all work has to be done manually. Combined with the fact that the sites naturally produce a low yield, this results in very high quality grapes which we process using traditional methods to achieve premium wines.

100% of our vines are ungrafted and often quite old (50 - 70 years). With their deep reaching roots they can reach water and nutrients from the slate covered soil even in very hot conditions. With its long vegetational period Riesling is famed for its expression of the soil it grows in. The red and grey slates with their ability to store the sun's energy for the night induce the famous minerality of the resulting wines.

Ürziger Würzgarten
The Ürziger Würzgarten (Ürzig Spice Garden) is one of the steepest vineyards in the middle Mosel area with an ideal position to capture the rays of the sun and soak up some extra warmth reflected from the river. Unique to this site is the geological occurrence of red slate and red sandstone of volcanic origin. The mineral content of the rocks in which the vines grow is thought to have inspired the name Spice Garden. The singular wines that are produced here possess exotic and fruity aromas and have profound character, making this one of the world's foremost vineyards.

Erdener Treppchen
In Roman times this hillside was already being used for wine making, as is proven by a rediscovered and reconstructed Roman wine press from the 3rd century AD situated at the bottom of the vineyard. In the middle ages runs of stone stairs were put into the hill to help with accessibility, resulting in the name of Erdener Treppchen (Erden's Little Staircase). The wines are vibrant, full-bodied and fruity with a mineral aftertaste.
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